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What Castle Design Solutions Do For You

High Quality, Professional Website Design

website design in Newcastle upon Tyne

At Castle Design Solutions we provide high quality, professional website design services. Our services are aimed at meeting the specific needs of small business. We know how difficult it is to create a competitive, appealing website at an affordable price. Our website design service provides a meaningful presence online, ranging from simple sites that provide a basic online presence, right through to fully responsive, large websites.

All of the major search engines are now actively punishing website design that is not fully responsive. This means that even businesses who already have a website need to think about upgrading their existing site to a fully responsive website design. At Castle Design Solutions we can provide a fully responsive website design for your business. Our website design will be optimised for all of the major search engines, and will look good on every viewing platform.

Other Design Services

As well as website design, we also provide graphic design services. Our graphic designers create professional artwork for your website, printing needs, company branding and social media profiles. Having professionally designed social media pages is becoming more and more important for businesses who want to attract new customers. The role of social media in marketing is increasing each year adn it is essential that all companies now pay attention to their social media profile.

Non-Design Services

Castle Design Solutions can host your website on our reliable and affordable web hosting service. We offer our hosting services to all companies, regardless of whether they used us for design or not.

The same applies to SEO services. We are happy to provide our professional search engine optimisation services to any company looking to improve their search engine ranking. All of the optimisation techniques we use are approved by Google. We only use legitimate optimisation techniques. Our aim is to optimise your site for long-term success rather than short term and short lived gain.

Do Your Homework

Your website design will say a lot about your company. It is the first contact and first impression that many potential customers will have of your company. We encourage to look into what sort of web designer you need to create your website design. Below are a number of links from external and independent sources that we encourage you to read. They provide advice on finding a reliable and trustworthy website design company.

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