Weekly Newsletter: Focus on – Twitter Tips

Weekly Newsletter: Focus on – Twitter Tips
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Twitter Tips

This week the newsletter focuses on Twitter tips for your business. Articles are taken from the Twitter feed of Castle Design Solutions. There are a number of different articles, representing different aspects of the social media community. These Twitter tips are designed to help your company get the most from your business social media strategy.
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Twitter Tips: Why I Always Unfollow Back

Twitter Tips: Why I Always Unfollow Back
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Unfollow Back – Everytime!

Twitter is full of people and businesses looking for more followers. For some it is a question of vanity. For others it may add to status or perceived value. For businesses on Twitter it should be all about spreading your message. Twitter should be integral to your overall social media strategy. Active followers are an audience ready to hear your marketing message. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to attract new followers. Employing the wrong way to attract followers sets off alarms in my head. If they are underhand about this then how safe are their tweets? Do I want to be associated with this account? That is why I always unfollow back.

Unfollow Back The Follow-Unfollow Sneak

Knowing which accounts to follow and unfollow can be difficult. It isn’t always easy to make a snap decision. Many people struggle to create a followers policy. Do I follow everyone back? Do I only follow a few? There are pros and cons on both side. There is, however, one group of tweeters it is easy to unfollow.

The follow-unfollow sneak thinks you are stupid. In fact, their low opinion of you is only outdone by their low opinion of themselves. They may think you are stupid, but they see themselves as worthless. They have no belief in their own ability. They do not think they have anything valuable to offer. They know you wouldn’t follow them if they didn’t try to cheat. If they don’t believe in themselves then why should you believe in them?

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Weekly Newsletter: Focus on – Improve Your Website

Weekly Newsletter: Focus on – Improve Your Website

Improve Your Website

This week’s newsletter focuses on how you can improve your website. Articles are taken from our Twitter feed. The articles are written by a variety of writers from the web design community. Some posts are based on content that you can change on your website. Others are concerned with the structure of your website and issues you need to ask your web designer to address.
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