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Social Media is one of the most powerful tools that a small business can have for increasing brand awareness, publicising products and services, and most of all for increasing turnover. There are now a huge number of Social Media platforms available for your business to use to expand it’s online identity and grow.

There are many advantages for your business in having a social media presence. These include, but are not limited to; building relationships with customers and potential customers, developing a brand identity, increasing links to your website and search engine ranking, and most of all making it easier for potential customers to find you and interact with you.

Castle Design Solutions can help you create and manage your social media identities, and also to publicise your business through avenues such as blogging and online videos.

Creating A Social Media Identity

Web Design & HostingThe choice of social media platforms, and knowing where to begin, can be overwhelming. We will help you pick out the platforms most relevant to your business and help you create the accounts and set up your online profile pages. We can take care of every stage of setup, making sure that your online accounts are fully integrated with your company branding and website.


  • Setting up accounts and usernames
  • Creating cover pictures and banners
  • Creating profile pictures and avatars
  • Adding all relevant information and contact details
  • Customising business page layout and colours

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Managing Your Social Media Accounts

Web Design & HostingHaving a variety of social media platforms on which your business is promoted is great for attracting new customers, but managing those accounts is less helpful in terms of taking up your time that could be spent serving those new customers you have gained. It can also be a daunting prospect for those unfamiliar with using computers and social media. We can manage your online accounts for you with a monthly package designed around your needs and budget.

  • Regular posting to your account
  • Interact with visitors and pass on/respond to messages
  • Advertise new products and services
  • Maintain brand integrity across all platforms
  • Build online relationships to increase linkability of your website

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Blogging Services

Web Design & HostingBlogging is a great way to create a buzz about your company, to advertise your products and services, to promote your expertise and knowledge, and also to improve the search engine ranking of your website. At Castle Design Solutions we have experienced blog writers who can provide well written and relevant content for your blog that will be optimised for keywords most suited to your business.

  • Creation and customisation of blog
  • Fully bespoke blog layouts available
  • Experienced writers producing high quality articles
  • Well researched articles and keywords to attract the right visitors
  • Option to integrate blog posts and articles with SEO article submission services

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Business Video Services

Web Design & HostingVideos created to promote your business are an excellent tool, particularly when used in conjunction with your other social media accounts. We can create videos to promote your business, showing off your key selling points, and attracting new customers. Videos can be embedded onto your existing website as well as being shared on social media.

  • Promotional videos to show off your business
  • Published on YouTube with links to your business
  • Previous videos already have over three million views
  • Professional production techniques for business advertising
  • Large range of stock music for background soundtrack

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