Creating An Identity

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Creating Your Social Media Identities

Web Design & HostingThe choice of social media platforms, and knowing where to begin, can be overwhelming. We will help you pick out the platforms most relevant to your business and help you create the accounts and set up your online profile pages. We can take care of every stage of setup, making sure that your online accounts are fully integrated with your company branding and website.

The two most popular social networks for small businesses are Facebook and Twitter which, along with Google+, are probably the key platforms for most businesses. We can help you create the accounts required and then customise your pages to reflect a consistent brand image across all social media platforms.

For businesses who produce goods which have a visual appeal we can also set up picture based social media accounts, such as instagram, to allow you promote your images and gain a following in a different area of social media.

We can also integrate social media widgets onto your main website – such as the twitter feed widget in the right hand column of this page, and the facebook like button in the footer (feel free to click it) – and this well help visitors to your website to engage with you on social media, and in turn grant you more opportunities to turn visitors into customers.

Web Design & HostingAs well as creating your identities and accounts on social media, we will create professional cover pictures, and profile pictures or avatars that reflect your company image and branding. Where the social media allows customisation of your profile page, we will produce a look and feel that is fully integrated into your company image.

Once your page is set up with your unique branding and look, we will then add all of your relevant business information so that people know how and when they can contact you.

Your accounts will then be ready to use and you will be free to begin updating them, or if you prefer, to allow Castle Design Solutions to manage your accounts for you – freeing you up to spend more time on your own business and customers.


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