Managing An Identity

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Managing Your Social Media Identities

Web Design & HostingHaving a variety of social media platforms on which your business is promoted is great for attracting new customers, but managing those accounts is less helpful in terms of taking up your time that could be spent serving those new customers you have gained. It can also be a daunting prospect for those unfamiliar with using computers and social media. We can manage your online accounts for you with a monthly package designed around your needs and budget.

Prior to beginning the social media management program, we would sit down with each customer and discuss what heir goals were for their social media presence, how often they wanted updates posting, and the budget they are looking to spend on social media management. We would then come up with a program together, incorporating as much as possible into the campaign for the budget set.

The primary role of the updates is threefold; publicising your business, posting interesting posts and links to articles that will encourage people to follow you – and so publicise your business, and to increase interactions with others online and so increase the number of links pointing back to your website – and so publicise your business.

As part of the management package we would also stay in close contact with you, forwarding one all enquiries and questions, and responding to potential customers and visitors with replies on your behalf, as well as directing them towards making direct contact with you.

Your brand image would remain consistent across all social media platforms, and would be closely managed to make sure that the image conveyed was one that would benefit your company’s online reputation.

Each management service is bespoke and tailored to the exact needs of each individual business. If your business could benefit from a social media management service then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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