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Video Services

Web Design & HostingVideos created to promote your business are an excellent tool, particularly when used in conjunction with your other social media accounts. We can create videos to promote your business, showing off your key selling points, and attracting new customers. Videos can be embedded onto your existing website as well as being shared on social media.

Company videos and video advertisements used to be the exclusive toys of big business. However, thanks to the social media revolution, video is now available – and within the budget – of any business or company.

At Castle Design Solutions we have experience of creating a number of videos for the Moonlight Chill YouTube channel, including promotional videos to encourage YouTube visitors to visit and subscribe to Moonlight Chill. Despite only uploading new videos to this channel on a very occasional basis, the YouTUbe channel has racked up over three and a half million views and attracted over six thousand subscribers.

The above video is an example of a promotional video at it’s most simple. A single background frame with simple text based promotional messages to encourage visitors to subscribe to the Moonlight Chill channel. However, it is also possible to use more visual techniques to keep viewers interested for longer, meaning that the videos can be longer in length and the company or organisation is able to go into greater detail about the services they offer. The video below is an example of that.

The same techniques can be used to promote a business just as well as they can a music channel. There is a large range of copyright-free music that can be used as low-key background music. We are able to incorporate both still and moving pictures into the videos, and can add voice-overs if required. Castle Design Solutions has it’s own YouTube channel to host your video, allowing you to then share the video on social media.

Please contact us for further details about our promotional video services.


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